In 2016 after the loss of my mum, I was lost myself. I had more questions than answers and knew I needed to make a change in my life. Standing at the crossroads of “what was” and “what will be” had me take an internal audit of who I was. I had lost a connection with myself. I was doing and being for everyone else and didn’t know where to turn. After three days of tears in a yurt in California, I had a spark of that connection within. I’ve spent the past two years developing HERwithin so that other women have the guidance and support they need in order to reconnect within and create a powerful shift into fulfillment. As a mother of two (27 & 28), stepmom to three (18, 21 & 23) I am dedicating my path to helping empower women to reconnect within. Everything we need is already within us. I know because I found it.

The women that Gems for Gems empower have experienced loss of so much including themselves. Gems for Gems gives the gift of empowerment which is one of the most beautiful things one women can do for another.

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