Nova Scotia Ambassador

Welcome Edith Riley! Long friend of our family! I love your passion to give back and so very much appreciate your desire to work with #gemsforgems in Nova Scotia! Alicia Marie Courtney Trowse Britt Mastroianni your ranks are growing and I’m so excited to see what the NS team will be able to accomplish this Christmas through the jewelry drive!

Edith lives in the Annapolis Valley (Nova Scotia) with her husband where they have raised three boys. She has been part of many community organizations through the activities with her children. She works at the Nova Scotia Community College as an academic support to both students and faculty and also as a part time teacher. Edith’s passion lies in helping everyone and giving back to her community every chance she can.

Edith is very excited and honored to be part of Gems for Gems. “What this group of amazing women have already done for the deserving ladies of Calgary is absolutely awesome – I cannot wait to be part of this group to see what future projects are ahead.”

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