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A display at the Acadia Shoppers Drug Mart at 383 Heritage Dr S.E. in Calgary, Alta., urging customers to donate to the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter. The campaign was started by the family of murdered Calgary woman Nadia El-Dib.

Losing her sister at the hands of an ex-boyfriend turned murderer earlier this year is a wound that’s slow to heal for Racha El-Dib.

It’s been more than six months since Nadia El-Dib was killed in a brutal attack by former boyfriend Abderrahmane (Adam) Bettahar, and Racha says the pain is still very real.

But rather than lament her loss, Racha has been honouring Nadia’s memory by supporting charities assisting women suffering from domestic abuse.

“It’s definitely been able to help us get through these darks times,” Racha said. “It’s created something positive for us to wake up to and know that we’re helping other people.”

Racha has already teamed up with domestic abuse support charity Gems for Gems, working as a community ambassador and even lending Nadia’s name to a scholarship for abuse survivors.

Now, the El-Dib family has partnered with more than 30 Shoppers Drug Mart locations in Calgary to collect donations for the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter.

Until the end of October, displays at participating Shoppers checkouts will feature a picture of Nadia and tell customers her story: one of a life cut tragically short by a man unable to cope with rejection.

(Read more here: https://calgarysun.com/news/local-news/family-of-murdered-calgary-woman-shoppers-drug-mart-team-up-to-help-abuse-victims/wcm/a1647b29-f01d-45b0-8f0c-514a914bfad6)

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