Absolutely thrilled to welcome Cherise Lowe to the team of ‘Gems’!!!! This girl has a sparkle not possible to go unnoticed! Welcome aboard!

“I have lived in Calgary for 5 years with my husband and crazy but fun golden retriever! I am a Clinical Social Worker here in Calgary.

The passion I have for working with women is truly hard to capture in words. As long as I can remember I always knew I wanted to work with them- because of that I spent a lot of my time as a teenager and young adult investing in youth programs that were specifically geared towards women.

Gems for Gems speaks to me in some profound ways, as this is a group of women willing to challenge and encourage but also they take active steps to creating a brighter future for others.

The actions behind the words are what makes this group so special and I love that.
I feel truly honoured and humbled to be able to walk along such power house women that I do believe will change this world for the better!”