Gems for Gems Events

  •  Each event is a motivational experience designed to speak to all eager to grow, thrive and succeed in whatever discipline they desire to pursue.

    A charitable cause will also be featured at every event as funds will be raised and awareness brought to each cause we champion.

    There will always be an accomplished motivational speaker, a silent auction, a very small entrance fee and wonderful company!

    We are a strong group of motivated women happy to assist in any way we can! Please contact us if you have a charity you would like an event dedicated to! We are more then happy to speak to anyone representing a good cause.

What type of people we want to target

  • We want women! Of all backgrounds! Ideally the typical attributes that come with women starting a business or going back to work after maternity or once their kids go to school… women In the work force wanting to grow etc.
  • The team I want to grow is one of strong go-getter women. Ones that like to volunteer and believe in charity and contributing to community.

why it was started, the Christmas jewelry drive etc

  • Jewelry Drive!: ‘Gems for Gems ‘collects jewelry from the women of Calgary for women in shelters and/or in difficult situations. This could mean victims of domestic abuse, immigrants seeking safety after fleeing their country etc.
  • The idea came from the realization that there are so many organizations for children at Christmas time, as there should be, however, there are mothers behind the scenes who so often can’t remember a time they bought themselves anything but essentials let alone received a gift of jewelry. We wanted to give them something that both reminded them they are special women and to not lose sight of that, but also to let them know, the women of Calgary see them and are rooting for them.
  • This idea was the birth of the movement ‘Gems for Gems’! Last year over 400 women received gifts from us and we would like to have it continue but we need your help! We accept monetary donations to help cover the cost of shipping, packaging and of course donations of new or gently used jewelry!
  • Over the course of the past year, ‘Gems for Gems’ has evolved into more then an annual jewelry drive although it remains dear to our hearts.

We now host events quarterly designed to motivate, inspire and promote growth within all who attend. Each event hosts a motivational speaker who covers topics that speak to all looking to take themselves to the next level in personal development. Some topics covered have been; Women navigating in a male dominated industry, confidence building, the importance of perspective, resiliency, putting your positivity to work for you, etc.

Our events will always have a ‘cause’ we are collecting for ie. food bank, clothing etc. so in order to gain entrance to our events, each woman will either donate an item we are collecting or pay an entrance fee which will always be posted in the event information.

We look forward to hearing from many more inspirational women and meeting many more of you as we continue with this movement!