At St. Boniface School our playground is ready for retirement.

We have set out to raise over $358,000 to replace the aged and outdated equipment with new, multi-sensorial, inclusive and accessible play elements. Our playground is a meeting ground for kids of all ages. Whether you’re crawling, just learning to walk, or using a walking aid or wheelchair, our new playground will be accessible to you. We have an opportunity to build a play space that is fully inclusive and encourages active and imaginative play as well as develops cognitive ability. By using innovative designs based on play theory research, we aim to instil stronger resiliency and promote a great sense of self among our children. At St. Boniface we know that not everyone is born with the same athletic, musical or intellectual abilities, but everyone is capable of taking part, and doing their best. Creating independent, strong, life-long learners is the goal for the St. Boniface community.