Behind the Movement

  • In 2018 Gems for Gems will be partnering with colleges and other educational institutions across Canada in-order to provide nation wide trade scholarships, attainable in under 12 months, awarded to candidates from these shelters. Gems for Gems will partner only with educational institutions which ‘buy-in’ to our mandate of ongoing support to our scholars through the entire duration of their experience. More on this program to come in 2018!

  • These take place once a month in Calgary and move from shelter to shelter. The premise of these events are to show the women how they can be their own ‘Hero’ through learning certain skills from ground ‘Zero’.  We accomplish this goal by having key areas of personal development, relative to their specific reality, taught from the ground up.

  • Gems for Gems began in 2015 as a Christmas Jewelry Drive in which the women of Calgary donate their gently used jewelry. It would then be cleaned, packaged and given as a Christmas gift to those who had experienced abused and were currently residing within Calgary shelters.

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